How it Works – Four Easy Steps


Place orders for calendars by September 30

Pay nothing upfront


Calendars available
for shipment in
late August

Pay 50% of your total
prior to shipping


Don’t ask your members
to buy the calendar,

Ask them to sell it!


Submit final payment
by November 30

Return unsold calendars
for full refund

Orders placed by July 31 will be entered in a draw for a $100 credit on your order.
One prize only.


  • Green Capes sells the calendars to Lions Clubs for $9 each – shipping is free.
  • Minimum order size is 30 and the maximum is 200.  Orders greater than 200 are possible, but with different terms and conditions.
  • Place your initial order on no later than September 30.
    A PDF version of the order form can be downloaded if clubs prefer to print and mail the order.
  • Re-orders can be placed at anytime; however, fulfillment is subject to available inventory.


  • When the calendars are ready to ship, Green Capes will send an invoice requesting payment for 50% of the order.  Payment must be received prior to shipment.
  • Green Capes accepts payment by e-transfer (preferred) or cheque.
  • Your club will receive a notice from Canada Post with the tracking number of the shipment.


  • Plan how your club will sell the calendars – potential opportunities include family and friends, members’ workplaces, fall fairs, Christmas markets, sporting venues, local retailers.
  • Go to the Sales Tools on for supporting information and promotional material in digital format (e.g. sales posters).


  • Final payment is due by November 30.
  • Should you wish to return calendars for a full refund, the following conditions apply:
    • Contact Green Capes by November 15, indicating the number to be returned.
    • A maximum of 30 calendars can be returned (must be in original, saleable condition).
    • Green Capes will cover shipping costs for returns of 10 or more calendars.
    • Return calendars to Green Capes no later than November 30.


“What a great way to boost our activities account without selling tickets for hours! The calendars are such an easy sell – year one we sold 100, year two we sold 200!”

Janice Marrisen

LFC Ontario Director and PDG District A-3