Three puppies facing the camera make a banner

McLeod Elementary School

Dog Guide Puppy Calendar Fundraiser

McLeod Elementary School is not just a place of learning but a community committed to making a meaningful impact. Nestled in the heart of its local area, McLeod Elementary fosters an environment where students thrive physically, socially and academically. At McLeod, education extends beyond the confines of traditional classroom walls; it encompasses a spirit of compassion and service that permeates every aspect of school life.

One shining example of McLeod’s commitment to service is its ongoing partnership with Green Capes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping provide service dogs for individuals with disabilities. Through innovative fundraising initiatives, McLeod Elementary actively contributes to this noble cause. By supporting the training of these remarkable dogs, the school community not only aids individuals with disabilities but also instills values of empathy and social responsibility in its students.

Moreover, McLeod Elementary School passionately advocates for inclusivity and accessibility for all. With a special focus on supporting those with physical disabilities such as blindness, the school promotes an environment of understanding and support. By championing the cause of training service dogs, McLeod empowers both its students and the broader community to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, fostering a culture of kindness and inclusion that defines the school’s ethos.

All puppies in the calendar are future service dogs.  

Our Calendar Partner: Green Capes Lions Club

Calendars make great gifts.   Your family and friends will love the Calendar and will be happy to know their gift benefits our students and also helps a disabled Canadian receive a service dog at no cost.

For more info email our school secretary at: jjans @


If your calendar will be picked up by a student please fill their name in on the checkout form.

Delivery: Calendars can be picked up at the school or will be sent home with students in December.   We will send details once all orders have been received.

Deadline:   November 30.

Thank you for your support.