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Three puppies facing the camera make a banner

Sample School Fundraiser

Dog Guide Puppy Calendar Fundraiser

Your School’s personal message. You can share why your school is raising funds or what is special about your school.  For Example:

The Acad Academy school prepares students to participate positively in society by helping them to develop pathways to transition to post secondary education and future employment.  Our goal is to help students build resilience by developing positive and lasting relationships with community support.

We are thrilled to partner with Green Capes to have the opportunity to sell calendars to support our program. Our decision was made because we support initiatives that endeavour to allow everyone to live supported and full lives. The service puppies are in training to help individuals have this reality. Besides, who doesn’t love puppies?

The money from this fundraiser will help us take her students on field trips throughout the year and provide much needed food for breakfasts and lunches.

The text below is also included – you don’t need to add this part.

All puppies in the calendar are future service dogs.  

Our Calendar Partner: Green Capes Lions Club

Calendars make great gifts.   Your family and friends will love the Calendar and will be happy to know their gift benefits our students and also helps a disabled Canadian receive a service dog at no cost.

If your calendar will be picked up by a student please fill their name in on the checkout form.


Delivery: Calendars can be picked up at the school or will be sent home with students in December.   We will send details once all orders have been received.

Deadline:   November 30.

Thank you for your support.