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Selling Tips

Optimize Your Call to Action

  • Make your call to action stand out visually. People are more likely to stop and look at what you have shared if there is a photo attached to what you are offering. Luckily for you, Green Capes has got your back! You’re welcome to download any one of our photos from our gallery and share them on your social media pages!
  • Qualify your offer. Make your friends feel like you have a limited supply of calendars to sell. For example, “I only have 30 calendars left!”
  • Make your call to action obvious. Your friends and family don’t want to think too much about how to get a calendar from you. So tell them how they can get one. For example, “leave a message in the comments if you would like one” or “Send me a private message if you would like a calendar”
  • Include social sharing. Money can sometimes be tight for some people. So, ask your social media followers to share your offer if they are unable to buy a calendar from you.

In Person Sales Tip

Selling calendars in person can be scary. So we’ve provided some tips to help you communicate to your buyers not only what you are doing, but WHY you are doing what you are doing. We want you to feel inspired and excited about selling Green Capes Calendars and leave feeling fulfilled with purpose.  

Tip #1: Make eye contact, smile, and say hi

Eye contact connects us with other people and fosters increased feelings of empathy. If you’re talking to one person or a group of people make sure that you make eye contact with everyone as it draws them in and makes everyone feel included.

Tip #2: Explain WHY you are here

Can you clearly explain to your buyers your purpose, cause, or belief? If your buyers can see and feel that you believe in your cause, then they too will feel inspired and believe in your cause. 

You can do this by connecting with your audience and telling them who you are with a story, a belief, or an experience you’ve had. 

For example: Growing up I used to watch old re-runs of Lassie on the video cassette over and over, I loved reading any books about dogs, and 10 years later I got my first. He was nothing like the dogs in the books or movies. He was unruly, shedded everywhere, would chase the cat, ate my underwear. But, no matter how frustrated or angry I would get with him, he would never hold it against me. He taught me to show up everyday in life, for my self, and for others. He taught me to give my 110% and to treat everyone with kindness. 

Tip #3: Explain what problem you are trying to solve

How does selling Green Capes Calendars help Canadians in your community? Here you can explain to your buyers that $9.00 will be donated to the Lions Foundation of Dog Guides Canada and the other $9.00 will be used to help local communities.

Tip #4: Look at through the calendars 

Ask the buyer what month their birthday is and show case to them what puppy picture is on their month.

Tip #5: Leave with a thanks

Always leave with a thanks, even if they are not interest in buying a calendar. Even if you don’t make a sale, they now know who you are and what you do, and who knows, maybe next year they will buy a calendar or they will refer someone else who might be interested in buying one.  


Email Friends and Family

Email friends and family about your Lions Club is fundraising with Green Capes Calendars. Don’t know what to say? Don’t worry, we have a sample template that you can customize and use to send to all your contacts

Share on Social Media

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms can be a great fundraising tool. It’s visually engaging and can is easily shareable. Not to mention, tons of people use social media every day.

Host an Event

Book a table at your local mall, store, or office to sell calendars. Host a Green Capes Calendar Party at your house where your guest and can see in person what you are trying to achieve.