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The Pursuers

Rebekah Taylor

Mary Boynton

Karen Schmidt

Nicole Lavoie

Manfred Kretschmer


The Pursuers are selling calendars to help raise money for Dog Guides of Canada! It costs approximately $25,000 to raise and train each Dog Guide, you can help buy buying a cute puppy calendar!

Here is how we got started on our Dog Guide journey:

Manfred: We always had dogs so with the passing of our dog Rixcee and shortly thereafter my retirement I began looking for another dog. When I came across Lions Foundation of Dog Guides. I thought what a way to help raise a puppy, learn some training skills and be able to take them everywhere we go. We picked up Jerry a Golden Lab May 7, 2018. It was a very rewarding experience. On March 3, 2020 he graduated in the Autism Assistance Dog Guide program. We were very proud of him and excited to meet his new friend’s parents (handlers). On January 16, 2020 we gladly accepted our 2nd foster Twain a black standard poodle.

Mary: My journey with LFC Dog Guides began after I attended their annual open house. I was amazed by the demonstrations of what these dogs can do. I have a son with autism and after seeing how the autism assistance dogs can support these kids I knew I had to be a part of the fostering program. To our absolute joy, our first foster Shelby graduated from the AAD program. We get periodic updates from the sweet girl he has been matched with and it fills my heart to see them bond and learn to progress as a team. The whole experience has been so rewarding and we can’t wait for our next foster pup

Rebekah: I am so thankful for Jetson (Autism Assistance Dog) who was provided for me at no cost thanks to fundraisers like these, I wanted to help others who also need a Dog Guide.

Karen: My family & I are currently fostering our second pup, a black lab named Ralph.  Proudly our first foster pup, Hawk a yellow lab, is serving her hearing-impaired client in BC.  I wanted to foster a puppy ever since reading a book titled “Inky: Seeing Eye Dog” by Elizabeth Heppner as a child.  When my son began to beg us for a family dog, and we were concerned about a long-term commitment, we decided to apply to foster a Future Guide Dog.  It has been a great experience!  We are able to take the dog with us to hockey games, restaurants and many other venues, where dogs aren’t normally allowed.  It has been a educational experience for my two teenage sons to foster a female and explain to their friends why our dog was wearing “underwear”!  Volunteering for the Lions Foundation of Canada has been the most rewarding venture of all my volunteering endeavours.

Nicole: As many of you know, Snitch is my second Seizure Response Service dog. She is my right hand, my best friend, and my lifeline. Unlike most other medical interventions, my service dog(s) have had little to no negative side effects in my life (depending on how much you count scooping poop! LOL) and have not resulted in any sort of poly-pharmacy. They have also been the most beneficial for both me and my family; increasing safety, security, overall well being, and more. 

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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides provides service dogs at no cost to Canadians with a medical or physical disability. This is achieved without any government funding.  Learn More

Calendars make great gifts.   Your family and friends will love the Calendar and will be happy to know their gift also provides independence, security, and peace of mind for not only the handler, but also for their families.

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